Website Improvements

We are currently in the process of redesigning our website to better support our growing team and projects. Watch in the coming weeks for more information. With the efforts of several members of our team, including our Communication Team, we will be making targeted improvements in the following areas.

  • Simplified Upcoming Event Display
  • Individual Project-Based Sites for Larger Projects
  • Reader-Friendly Design
  • More Frequent Project Updates
  • Simplified “How-to-Join” Information on the Team and its Projects
  • More Pictures and Video
  • Increased Organizational Support for Project Teams
  • Simplified Authoring of Posts
  • And More!!!

And this week, we are working specifically on our new homepage, as well as new sites for our Colombia Project and R.E.A.L. Healthy Program. Stay tuned for more, and as always, we would love your feedback and ideas.

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