SIFE Changes Name, Highlights Commitment to Entrepreneurial Action

03 Oct 2012
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For over twenty years, the La Sierra University Students in Free Enterprise Team has demonstrated what is possible when students put their education to work. From starting a cow bank and building schools in India, to supporting local small business owners in Southern California, to empowering low-income families with affordable ways to live healthier on a budget, the team has successfully utilized entrepreneurial action to significantly impact our local and global community. The La Sierra University SIFE team has worked as one of over 1,500 teams in thirty-nine countries forming a global network of students committed to making a difference in their communities.


To build upon its strong global presence and deepen its commitment to entrepreneurial action, SIFE Worldwide is rebranding under the new name “Enactus.” Announced on Sunday, September 30, during the SIFE World Cup Opening Ceremonies in Washington D.C., this new name has already been adopted by individual teams world-wide.

  • Entrepreneurial– having the perspective to see an opportunityand talent to create value from that opportunity;
  • Action– the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;
  • Us
    – a collection of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.

“This is a time for leaders who can see opportunity where others can’t, and turn that opportunity into value. Leaders who can look beyond the status quo and bring imagination and ingenuity and a sense of possibility to the challenges of our time,” said Enactus’ CEO Alvin Rohrs in a recent pressrelease. “Enactus is committed to fostering that kind of leader.”

And that kind of leader is now clearly thriving in the newly titled La Sierra University Enactus Team. After working through the Summer on a number of new initiatives and improvements, the team is already implementing several impressive projects:

Innovation Camp

This July, La Sierra Enactus members coached twenty-five high school students in a challenge to develop innovative product designs and prototypes. In less than four days, these student teams developed imaginative and functional new designs for well-known products including a bicycle helmet, portable bed, mini-fridge, backpack, and school locker.


To support the growth and success of local businesses and their owners, La Sierra Enactus has formed six projects under a single umbrella. From holding career and networking events, to providing free consulting services for local businesses, to providing student entrepreneurs with start-up funds, BizBook is creating value and making a difference in the Inland Empire. Learn more at

R.E.A.L. Healthy

With its catchy name, the Riverside Eating and Living Healthy or R.E.A.L. Healthy Project is providing local families with simple, affordable ways to live better, healthier lives. Beginning with free health and wellness courses on basic nutrition, smart shopping, and budgeting, La Sierra Enactus goes a step further with an eight-week coaching program to provide individual support. The team is also now creating new plans based on the success of its “5 CAN 5K Run” held last April to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank. Learn more at

Bully Busters

In collaboration with the La Sierra University Center for Conflict Resolution, La Sierra Enactus is supporting anti-bullying initiatives throughout the North American Division and helping local schools create positive learning environments.

Enactus Field Station: Denkanikottai, India

Last Spring, members of the La Sierra Enactus team traveled to Denkanikottai, India to construct two new school structures, part of a ten-year commitment to implement an entire series of projects. With twelve additional classrooms now under construction in the village, the team is designing water, power, and other infrastructure projects for implementation this Winter.


These and other La Sierra Enactus projects are designed through a project development process beginning with an “idea bank” on the team’s website. Ideas are then organized within four operational categories: Education, Health & Wellness, Economic Opportunity, and Environmental Sustainability. All operations in the team, including the development and implementation of projects, are led by its student members. Leaders emerge from all corners of the La Sierra University campus to rise to this challenge. “I believe that we have the potential to be and do anything we want to,” said Ethan Weber, President/CEO of the La Sierra Enactus Team. “It is our choices now that determine where we will be years from now. My goal is to take advantage of all the opportunity I am given and be a confident and inspiring leader in whichever field I am in.” Weber is joined by a core group of Officers and Directors in leading the larger team of over forty members:

Ethan Weber – La Sierra Enactus President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Now entering his second year as President/CEO of the La Sierra Enactus Team, Ethan was selected for this demanding position during his Sophomore year in college. Studying Business Management, he is already known even at Enactus Worldwide Headquarters as a student who takes full advantage of every learning and networking opportunity available to him. From local small business owners to CEO’s topping the Fortune 500, all are now aware of the La Sierra Enactus Team and its bright, committed students.

Andrew Brooks – La Sierra Enactus Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Starting his second year as a member of the La Sierra Enactus team, Andrew is completing degrees in Accounting and Finance. His goal is to work with passion, no matter the position. Andrew also serves as the Director of the team’s BizBook Project.

Jessica Partida – Director of Member Development

A Senior Psychology major, Jessica is now entering her second year as Director of Member Development in the La Sierra Enactus Team. She also served as the Student Director of the successful Innovation Camp this past July. Jessica plans on next working towards a Ph.D. in Psychology.

Charmidale Tuazon – Director of Communication

Well-known on campus from her previous roles as Business Club President and First Service Announcement Coordinator, Charm is entering her second year as a member of the La Sierra Enactus Team. She is currently completing an MBA in Finance and enjoying her new position as a Development Officer in the La Sierra University Office of Advancement.

Ricky Kim – Co-Director, Bully Busters

A recent graduate of La Sierra University’s Religious Studies, Legal Studies, and Pre-Nursing programs, Ricky is entering his fourth year as a member of the La Sierra Enactus team and starting his graduate studies in Healthcare Management. He plans to one day operate a non-profit that would provide free healthcare to those in need.

Steven Baudoin – Co-Director, Bully Busters

Nearing completion of a degree in Human Resource Management, Steven is entering his third year as a member of the La Sierra Enactus team. Upon graduation, he plans to continue helping those who are in need, using the tools gained through his experience in Enactus and as a student of La Sierra University.

Ehsan Tabatabaei – Director, R.E.A.L. Healthy

After serving as one of the team’s most active leaders over the Summer, Ehsan is in his first year as a member of La Sierra Enactus. Completing a major in Marketing with a minor in Human Behavior, he is known in the team for always beginning his project meetings by sharing a thought-provoking quote.

La Sierra Enactus is further supported by a team of advisors known as Sam Walton Fellows in the worldwide Enactus organization. John Razzouk (MBA) serves as the primary advisor to the La Sierra Enactus team and has been a Sam Walton Fellow since 2009. Razzouk also served as President of the team from 2005-2007. S. Eric Anderson (Ph.D., MBA) has been a Sam Walton Fellow since 2011, supporting a number of key projects including the Enactus Field Station and Bizbook. Deanna Wisbey (M.A.T.) is officially joining the team as a Sam Walton Fellow this year, but has served as a coach for the La Sierra Enactus Presentation Team multiple times since 2008. Her continued support of the team in the area of communication will be instrumental this year as the team aims for the opportunity to represent the United States at the 2013 Enactus World Cup in Beijing, China. “I have agreed to be a fellow because I believe that effective presenters are more likely to reach their life goals,” said Wisbey. “I hope to facilitate learning experiences in communication that allow students to develop motivation, knowledge and skills essential to improving their personal and professional lives.”

The team will be welcoming new and returning Enactus members during its first meeting of the new academic year this Friday, and continues to recruit even more La Sierra University students to strengthen its efforts. “When you see what just a few La Sierra University students can do to change the world around them, you will never again question what students are capable of,” said Sam Walton Fellow John Razzouk. “Every day, our students are creating value, making a difference, and proving the possible. And that is exactly what Enactus is all about.”


To learn more about the La Sierra University Enactus Team and how you can be a part of it, visit







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