Mobile Fresh

What is Mobile Fresh?

Mobile Fresh is an innovative social enterprise from the Family Service Association that takes on the problem of food deserts and food insecurity in our communities.

Our grocery store on wheels combines the selection of a corner store with the freshness of a farmers market. The Family Service Association, the La Sierra University Enactus Team, and our community partners are working together to bring the same produce sold at your nearest grocery store at wholesale prices right to your neighborhood.

Community through Collaboration

Mobile Fresh is a success because of our model of bringing together local government, non-profits, businesses, and most importantly local residents to together ensure that everyone has the access needed to live better, healthier lives. We are now making more than 40 "Freshstops" in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties with the La Sierra University Enactus Team managing sales and marketing for Mobile Fresh, and our partners, the Family Service Association managing daily operations including loading and driving our buses. Together we have all made Mobile Fresh a successful and sustainable project.

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NBC Universal 21st Century Solutions Grant Award

In December 2014, Mobile Fresh was awarded the prestigious NBC Universal 21st Century Solutions grant. We received $100,000 to support the expansion of our successful model. Grants like these help us to prepare new buses for launch and extend our reach further throughout Southern California. And our proven method of running Mobile Fresh as a social enterprise with a strong business model has made our daily operations 100% sustainable.

Thank You NBC Universal!