Member Spotlight: Xavier Watson

05 Jan 2015

Classy, formal, unabashed is our illustrious Vice President of Human Resources. These adjectives could certainly describe his attire, but they are also applicable to the man behind the bow-tie, Xavier Watson.

I first met Xavier last spring in my Practice of Management class. Two things stuck out to me whenever he spoke. (1) He liked to stand when speaking to the class, and (2) I always liked listening. Not much has changed about his outspoken demeanor since then. He is as much of a people-person as you will find on this campus, and he is settling into his new role within Enactus where he helps members realize their potential for personal growth.

The fourth-year senior (studying management, and the physician assistant program), has always been passionate about helping others– be it through his church, his singer-songwriting efforts, his spoken word poetry, or his acting.   It doesn’t matter where you are, but if you turn the lights down low and hand the microphone to Xavier, he’ll have something to say.

When he isn’t working on recruiting new members or assisting current ones through the membership tiers, he can be found collaborating with our Sam Walton faculty fellow’s designing workshops. He considers himself a “resource to resources” and has carved out his niche role accomplishing such as he focuses his efforts to help bring the trophy back to this year’s Enactus team. Whether you need help with your public speaking skills, or auditioning in Hollywood for your next major acting role, Xavier Watson is your man, and our team is better this year because of him.

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