Member Spotlight: Nick Feldkamp

04 Nov 2014

Following in our 2014 Member Spotlight series, who better to feature than Nick Feldkamp, our Enactus president? When asked about his credentials, he’s unlikely to bring up his four years in taekwondo or his time in choir (as a low bass), but after speaking with him or sitting in on one meeting, you’ll know exactly why he leads this year’s team. He’s a natural-born leader, and his working-resume speaks, or yells, for itself.

Nick has been with the Enactus team for the last six years. He spent his first three as a General Member while working on his BA degree in management, and his BS degree in marketing. Then, before graduating from La Sierra University summa cum laude (which is Latin for, “better grades than I got”) he had attained the title, “Director of Project Development,” where he assisted on projects which took him to India, Dubai, and, more domestically, to Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Cincinnati.

Last year, while starting his MBA program for general management, he acted as the Enactus Chief Operations Officer, and spent this past summer working tirelessly with faculty fellow, John Razzouk, creating the Enactus infrastructure (our member tier, personal development workshops, skills advancement, etc.) that we employ today.

Despite his academic commitments, and commission of the Innovation Lab, the Enactus bellwether is surprisingly level-headed and relaxed. When asked about his demeanor, he’s likely to laugh it off, or mention his weekly treks to the beach to prove his easy-going leanings. However, further digging will reveal a deep-seated drive for excellence, and an unwavering pursuit of seeing this Enactus team to success.

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