Member Spotlight: John Razzouk

24 Oct 2014

If you ever wanted to get fired up about La Sierra University, give five minutes of your busy schedule to Johnny Thomas, Dean of the Zapara School of Business. If you want to see that enthusiasm in action, swing by the open office of John Razzouk, faculty-fellow and former Enactus president. He’s located in the room directly adjacent the Enactus meeting room, and he’ll be the guy sitting at his desk smiling. As if his friendly demeanor isn’t inviting enough, John will set aside his work and wave you inside to share a conversation that leaves you feeling inspired and energized to make a difference.

John Razzouk celebrates a 2007 World Cup win for La Sierra University and the United States by sharing the moment with students from other teams.As a newly joined member of Enactus–one who eagerly volunteered to assist Marketing VP, Klarissa Bietz, and her management of this Enactus blog– I assumed the task of interviewing our residing faculty-fellow, and discover what it is that makes this man so excited about his role. I anticipated a member spotlight which would imitate those I’ve seen in popular magazines: find out his favorite memories, his dreams, what he has taken away from his experience with Enactus; and some generic insights like: “name a famous person you’d invite to dinner”, “what’s your favorite inspirational quote”, or, “what headlines your bucket-list”, etc. But the truth is, we never got around to that. After forty-five minutes of watching John Razzouk in action, I came away completely distracted from my agenda, and completely committed to the idea that joining Enactus just might be the best decision I have ever made.

As John shared his history, I found out that he was cherry-picked by our Dean to lead an Enactus team in transition. He joined Enactus as the team’s President his junior year (2005), and the following year he lead them to the second World Cup win in our team’s history. Not a bad track record, if you ask me. But if you ask him, he wouldn’t tell you about the trophy they won, or how they helped put our University on the map, or how countless members have earned prestigious internships, job offers, and scholarships. He’ll tell you how invigorating it is to be a part of something larger than ourselves. Through Enactus, we have an incredible opportunity to find out what we are really capable of.

After sitting with John, I was reminded that being a student isn’t a four-year process; it’s a life-long journey. A journey that doubles as the best business strategy we can employ in our future fields. If we can commit ourselves to personal growth, awaken our God-given passion to help others, and present the authenticity that brought so much success to the team in years’ past, we can continue to build upon the already strong reputation of La Sierra University’s Enactus program. But most importantly, when we bring our talents together and unify our enthusiasm, we really can make a difference.

[Photo: John Razzouk celebrates a 2007 World Cup win for La Sierra University and the United States by sharing the moment with students from other teams from around the world.]

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