Join Us

There are so many ways to support the work of the La Sierra University Enactus Team.

Apply for Membership
All students enrolled at La Sierra University are eligible to apply for Official Membership in the La Sierra University Enactus Team. Browse our website to learn more about us, view our calendar to find an upcoming meeting to attend, and fill out our short application form to start the membership process. There's no cost, no obligation, and no risk to joining us and finding out what we're all about.
Partner Organizations
Our team creates project-based solutions for needs in our local and global community. We seek partnerships and support year-round from large and small organizations interested in providing funding or material support for our team and its projects, as well as partners in the implementation of our projects. Contact us to learn more.
Friends and Donors
Our operations are primarily funded by grants and individual donors. Contact us today to learn more about supporting a specific project or activity in our team. Even just spreading the word about our team and its projects can go a long way to support our operations. Connect with us and share the latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, through word-of-mouth, and more!