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Following in our 2014 Member Spotlight series, who better to feature than Nick Feldkamp, our Enactus president? When asked about his credentials, he’s unlikely to bring up his four years in taekwondo or his time in choir (as a low bass), but after speaking with him or sitting in on one meeting, you’ll know exactly why he leads this year’s team. He’s a natural-born leader, and his working-resume speaks, or yells, for itself. Nick has been with the Enactus team for the last six years. He spent his first three as a General Member while working on his BA degree in management, and his BS degree in marketing. Then, before graduating from La Sierra University summa cum laude (which is Latin for, “better grades than I got”) he had attained the title, “Director of Project Development,” where he assisted on projects which took him to India, Dubai, and, more domestically, to Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Cincinnati. Last year, while starting his MBA program for general management, he acted as the Enactus Chief Operations Officer, and spent this past summer working tirelessly with faculty fellow, John Razzouk, creating the Enactus infrastructure (our member tier, personal development workshops, skills advancement, etc.) that Read more…

If you ever wanted to get fired up about La Sierra University, give five minutes of your busy schedule to Johnny Thomas, Dean of the Zapara School of Business. If you want to see that enthusiasm in action, swing by the open office of John Razzouk, faculty-fellow and former Enactus president. He’s located in the room directly adjacent the Enactus meeting room, and he’ll be the guy sitting at his desk smiling. As if his friendly demeanor isn’t inviting enough, John will set aside his work and wave you inside to share a conversation that leaves you feeling inspired and energized to make a difference. As a newly joined member of Enactus–one who eagerly volunteered to assist Marketing VP, Klarissa Bietz, and her management of this Enactus blog– I assumed the task of interviewing our residing faculty-fellow, and discover what it is that makes this man so excited about his role. I anticipated a member spotlight which would imitate those I’ve seen in popular magazines: find out his favorite memories, his dreams, what he has taken away from his experience with Enactus; and some generic insights like: “name a famous person you’d invite to dinner”, “what’s your favorite inspirational quote”, Read more…

Field Station India The Field Station model is a true test of what students can do to change the world. We have established our first Enactus Field Station in Hosur, Indi and its surrounding villages with a 10-year commitment to develop an on-going series of high impact projects across our team’s four categories of operations. The Cow Bank For women serving as day laborers in villages throughout Southern India, every day is a struggle to support even the most basic needs of their families. When they can find work, they make less than $2.00 per day. Did you know that a single cow, milked just twice daily, can generate more than $4.00 per day for one of these same families? But it would take a day laborer one and a half years, saving all of their money to purchase that single cow. We close that gap. We provide women with the loan of a cow, repaid with excess revenue generated by the sale of milk. We even secured agreements with local milk wholesalers, guaranteeing the women a market to sell it. Our sustainable model allows the Cow Bank to transform the lives of twelve more women each year, but why stop there? With your generous support, our team can reach more women in more villages throughout the region! Read more…

AS A SIFE STUDENT YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!! Scholarship Deadlines: January 23rd & February 6, 2012 5:00 p.m. CST A Message from SIFE USA: Are you in need of scholarship money to pay for the ever increasing cost of a college education? Are you an outstanding SIFE student who deserves recognition for the efforts you have put into your SIFE team? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then please READ ON! SIFE USA has four(4) scholarships available to recognize the outstanding contributions and leadership skills of SIFE students. Please Note: You will need your SIFE user name and password to access the online scholarship applications. This is different from your e-mail or OrgSync accounts. You may need to create an account on if you have not previously. Contact your Sam Walton Fellow for  assistance.  Available Scholarships and Application Links Jules and Gwen Knapp SIFE Ambassador Scholarship – Click here to apply online $10,000 scholarship to be used for educational purposes 2 or more additional scholarships Robert J. Verdisco Retail Scholarship – Click here to apply online $5,000 scholarship $1,000 project grant to winning SIFE team The SIFE Emerging Leader Award – Read more…

Episode 2 of our Summer Think Tank Updates is now available. In this episode, we discuss our new Project Development Process, designed to increase our effectiveness and impact, and supporting our new efforts to engage in long-term operations. [youtube=]

We’ve been hard at work this summer, engaging in some intensive strategic planning to develop our team and operations. The following short video is an overview of our latest development: Project Categories. [youtube=]

Just about every human-being holds a burning desire to make a change and leave a lasting impression. College is a life-changing experience. It’s the place where

Andrew Ranzinger is no stranger to Enactus.  In fact, he’s unlikely to be

Classy, formal, unabashed is our illustrious Vice President of Human Resources. These adjectives could certainly describe his attire, but they are also applicable to the man behind the bow-tie, Xavier Watson. I first met Xavier last spring in my Practice of Management class. Two things stuck out to me whenever he spoke. (1) He liked to stand when speaking to the class, and (2) I always liked listening. Not much has changed about his outspoken demeanor since then. He is as much of a people-person as you will find on this campus, and he is settling into his new role within Enactus where he helps members realize their potential for personal growth. The fourth-year senior (studying management, and the physician assistant program), has always been passionate about helping others– be it through his church, his singer-songwriting efforts, his spoken word poetry, or his acting.   It doesn’t matter where you are, but if you turn the lights down low and hand the microphone to Xavier, he’ll have something to say. When he isn’t working on recruiting new members or assisting current ones through the membership tiers, he can be found collaborating with our Sam Walton faculty fellow’s designing workshops. He considers Read more…

For over twenty years, the La Sierra University Students in Free Enterprise Team has demonstrated what is possible when students put their education to work. From starting a cow bank and building schools in India, to supporting local small business owners in Southern California, to empowering low-income families with affordable ways to live healthier on a budget, the team has successfully utilized entrepreneurial action to significantly impact our local and global community. The La Sierra University SIFE team has worked as one of over 1,500 teams in thirty-nine countries forming a global network of students committed to making a difference in their communities.   To build upon its strong global presence and deepen its commitment to entrepreneurial action, SIFE Worldwide is rebranding under the new name “Enactus.” Announced on Sunday, September 30, during the SIFE World Cup Opening Ceremonies in Washington D.C., this new name has already been adopted by individual teams world-wide. Entrepreneurial– having the perspective to see an opportunityand talent to create value from that opportunity; Action– the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed; Us – a collection of people who see themselves connected in some Read more…

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    • This experience shows us who we are and what we're made of, challenging us to daily push the perceived limits of our own potential. We can do more right now as students than we ever thought possible. So when you see what a handful of La Sierra University students are truly capable of, just imagine what is possible for students around the world!

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