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04 Dec 2013
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Field Station India

The Field Station model is a true test of what students can do to change the world. We have established our first Enactus Field Station in Hosur, Indi and its surrounding villages with a 10-year commitment to develop an on-going series of high impact projects across our team’s four categories of operations.


The Cow Bank

For women serving as day laborers in villages throughout Southern India, every day is a struggle to support even the most basic needs of their families. When they can find work, they make less than $2.00 per day.

Did you know that a single cow, milked just twice daily, can generate more than $4.00 per day for one of these same families? But it would take a day laborer one and a half years, saving all of their money to purchase that single cow. We close that gap.


We provide women with the loan of a cow, repaid with excess revenue generated by the sale of milk. We even secured agreements with local milk wholesalers, guaranteeing the women a market to sell it. Our sustainable model allows the Cow Bank to transform the lives of twelve more women each year, but why stop there? With your generous support, our team can reach more women in more villages throughout the region!

100 cows


Join our team in providing 100 cows to women in villages throughout Southern India this holiday season. 100% of every dollar raised toward o r $50,000 goal will support the sustainable cycle of cow loans. Every cow improves the quality of life and standard of living for these women and their families.

Give a tax-deductible gift online today at (select “other” and enter “Cow Bank” in the comments section).

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