Cow Bank Project

Every day, women in Denkanikottai wake up before dawn to go looking for work. For an entire day of hard labor they will make less than two dollars, barely enough for food. But a single cow, milked twice per day, can generate more than twice that. Through our project, we provide cow loans to women from four local villages and have an agreement with all local milk wholesalers in the area, securing a guaranteed market for women to sell from the cows.

A portion of the revenue from the sale of milk is automatically utilized for repayment of our low- interest loan, and we reinvest these funds to impact more and more women each year! The strength of our partnerships, our business-based model, and determination of these women makes this one of the most successful and sustainable projects projects in our team's history.

From the start of our cow bank, all women from our first batch of loans have completed their final loan repayment. In fact our model is working so well that we have injected additional funds into the cow bank to increase our growth rate even further. In that time we have increased our goal from 100 to 200 cows.

~100% of women in our program have, at minimum, doubled their daily income. Several have also seen their first cow become three, multiplying the true impact even beyond this.

~Our model works. After two full years we haven't had a single women default on her loan. And those who received the first loans have been our greatest advocates in encouraging our latest recipients to join the program.

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