Just about every human-being holds a burning desire to make a change and leave a lasting impression. College is a life-changing experience. It’s the place where

As we enter a new academic year, our Member Development team is hard at work, planning new opportunities, streamlining processes, and updating our team database. To ensure we have the most up-to-date information on active team members and how to contact them, we need your help. We have simplified our membership application system, which now includes options both for potential members and current members who wish to renew their membership. Whether you are applying for new membership or renewal, please fill this form out completely. The information you provide in this short form will assist the Member Development team in upgrading your contact information, identifying your areas of interest and leadership growth in the team, and help us support your continued professional growth towards your intended career goals. The application form is available online on our team website. To go directly to the form, please click http://sife.lasierra.edu/apply-for-membership/ We look forward to another year of endless possibilities. Member Development Team   The Member Development Team is led by Director Jessica Partida.

We are now posting a number of job descriptions for position openings in the team based upon the essential functions the team has identified this summer. These positions include the following (click to view a full position description): President Director of Communications Director of Project Development Director of Member Development Director of Finance Click here to fill out a leadership application and start the process. If you are found to be a qualified applicant, you will be invited to next submit a resume and letter of recommendation, and deliver a short presentation to a selection committee. This presentation, part of a focused interview process, should inform the committee about you and your qualifications for the position, as well as some initial plans you would implement if selected. And please note that these positions are now open until filled. In the coming months, as the team begins its new projects and programs, the team will also include positions of: Project Leaders (a.k.a. Project Lead. Develop and implement a single, focused operation) Program Directors (Direct development of groupings of projects with a common target) Category Managers (Facilitate development of projects and programs in the team’s five operational categories: Education, Economic Opportunity, Health & Read more…

We are now recruiting students across all academic majors. Take the first step toward official membership in the team and connect with us on OrgSync.